Joining The Committee

Before applying to join the Anti-Fascist Committee we require that you review and agree with our points of unity. If your application is approved and you join the committee, we expect the following:

If you do not feel that you can fullfill these requirements but still want to stay in touch with the work we do, consider subscribing to our email list and following our social media instead. We do not require any special skills or talents among applicants and can train any willing person to do any of the things we do. We also welcome individuals outside of our committee to contribute to our efforts by sending us anonymous tips about racists in Texas.

Beware of Fake Antifa Websites

Before submitting any information to us, make sure you are on our official website with the following techniques:
  • Verify the URL Address Through Social Media
  • Check the URL address of the current page in the top of your browser and make sure it matches the website URL listed on our official social media pages, which should begin with
  • Check to make sure you are viewing our official social media as well, based on their large followings, creation dates, and post content.
Subscribe to our Email List

SAFC Membership Application

General Information

The information you submit to us will be kept private and used only for us to determine your suitability as a member of our group. It will be stored from the time you submit it to us and saved until your application process ends.

We do not need your real legal information, and recommend you make up a fake name to use in political settings.

Past Experience

Have you been in any political groups before?

Do you identify with a specific political ideology?

Have you been at the center of any prior accusations or disputes in political spaces which you would like to disclose to us?


Optional Details

You may choose to submit the following information for our own reassurances and to help speed up the application process, though it is not required.

If you would like to leave another form of contact information aside from your email, include it below (Phone numbers will require the Signal app)